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2014 Racing is in Full Swing!

I'll be racing next on October 25th at Beach 2 Battleship!

Getting ready for (beach to) Battle(ship)!

It’s hard to believe there’s only a few more days until the end of the season. Once again I am home-staying it in Wilmington and I’m really looking forward to meeting Dawson’s parents in person!

Okay so I’m not staying at Dawson’s, but oh well. That would probably be a bit distracting before the race anyway!

If you are in the area for the race, you should check out the Breakfast with the Pros, hosted by BASE Performance. In addition to being able to mingle with and ask the pros you’ll be racing with on Saturday anything, you can check out some of the BASE products. I began using them after they saved me in IM Boulder and I haven’t regretted it!

If you aren’t in Wilmington this weekend, you can follow along with the race here. It is a bit of a hometown battle of the Marylanders with Suzy Serpico racing as well on the ladies side, so it should be a fun day! Suzy and I have raced together since our age group days so it will be really fun to finally face her as a professional. And, in NC you can always count on plenty of amateur talent to keep things interesting too.

Follow along on twitter as well with #SMASHB2B! Rumor is that the currents are flowing on the swim so perhaps this will finally be my sub-60 :)

Winding Down!

Funny how “winding down” for the last race for the season actually means anything but winding down. Training is still in full swing here, I promise!! I finally am starting to feel like my old “sea level” self again. I had truly forgotten what sore muscles felt like living at 9k feet and unable to push myself to that point day after day. This training block has reminded me the importance of patience¬†once again, as week 1 was near disaster! But with my head down, I’ve managed to claw my way out of it and slowly but surely my old form (and confidence!) is returning. Even more importantly, my mental edge is back. For a few weeks I was lacking even the mental ability to push through the hard workouts when things were going south, and quite honestly that had me more worried than not being able to physically hit the numbers I used to. I’ve found my edge again and that has me pretty darn happy — albeit tired — these days!!

When I thought about my race options for the end of the season I had a few ideas…..BRASIL always sounds like a fun trip! ….Then I looked up the plane tickets. Nevermind. So I started to think about what else I liked. Well, I like beaches.

…And I LOVE electronic Battleship.

One would have thought that would get me nowhere but alas, Beach2Battleship came to mind! A silly-fast course, drivable, decent prize money….yep things were lining up! I’m very excited to say I’m headed to Wilmington in a few weeks to give this one a shot.

Wait – there’s more! Beach2Battleship is hosting an “Ask the Pros!” segment on their Facebook page next Monday night (10/6/14) from 7:30 – 8:30 pm! Come post a question for me or fellow pro and friend, Jeremy Howard to answer. I’ll warn you though these days 8:30 is wandering mightily close to my bedtime, so my answers may get a little loopy :)